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New Order Process 

How we ensure you receive the best service and quality in 7 easy steps:


Start With a Price Quote

The best place to start with your custom label project is to have our label experts prepare a label quote based on your choice of decoration options, your available artwork and the quantity of labels needed. You can call to discuss your quote or use our Request for Quote Page to complete an online request. An account manager will be assigned to your project and contact you to review all options and pricing in detail. 


Setup & Confirm Your Project

Once an estimate is completed and reviewed, an account manager will help you setup your account if you haven't ordered with us before and provide you with an order confirmation that outlines all pricing, plates and tooling needed along with other important details for you to review and approve. 

Review Label Proofs


After the order details are confirmed and approved, PDF proofs of your artwork are created to show how the label will look and are the perfect tool for letting the rest of your team review the final design before production starts. Our proofs show in detail which parts of the label have special finishing effects and where areas of texture will be. 

Approve Color 

If your label project uses custom colors or has special elements that need to be verified, your account manager will schedule a press check so that someone from your team can see the label printed before we print the entire order. This allows for any adjustments to be made to color. In some cases, a press proof will be used or we may ask for approval to match color on your behalf, also known as a press check waiver. 


Production & QA

Prior to your label being printed, our Quality Assurance team verifies that all printed copy matches your approved proof/s and that color approval has been received. Once printing begins, samples are taken at pre-determined intervals and kept for reference. Our on-press defect inspection systems also scan every label and flag any defects to our QA team allowing even a single label to be replaced if it is flagged to be out of spec. 


Your Order is Shipped

Once printed and released from QA, your order is packed per the roll specifications needed and boxed for shipping. We use a variety of freight carriers and also operate our own trucks for direct delivery. 


Ongoing Support

Just because your labels have shipped doesn't mean  our job is done. Your Sales Representative, and Customer Service Rep are ready to offer any support needed while our Quality Assurance Manager and Bottling Specialist remains ready to help make every bottling and application a success. 


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