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You can trust our team of Prepress experts to help prepare your label art files for final printing. Our range of prepress services includes the proofing of your supplied files for no additional charge. If changes to your artwork is needed, we can make the changes for you for a nominal charge and provide a proof for you to review of the changes prior to printing. Please see our File Prep Guide and TTB Requirements on this page for helpful tips on reducing the time and cost needed to proof and prepare your files. 

Artwork Preparation

Please Note: for production we use Esko Automation Engine which requires us to
use Adobe Illustrator; art submitted in formats other than Illustrator may require additional art charges and may cause proofing/production delays.

File Types

Labels have special concerns requiring us to work with vector art. Please build label artwork using Illustrator CC. We cannot accept Illustrator files older than CS6 due to conversion issues.

Component 2.png

Text Requirements 

Text and graphics should be in vector (built in Illustrator or the equivalent). When graphics are drawn as vector they are resolution independent which allows for the highest possible print quality. Vector art also allows much simpler use of spot colors. Text should be live (editable) with all fonts supplied, or should be converted to outlines (non-editable).

raster 1.png

Image Requirements 

Raster art and images Include the linked image files or embed the images. Please convert RGB art to CMYK. Raster art is most commonly used for four color process, but can also be in a spot color mode. Please make sure your images are at least 300 ppi at print size.

pantone-pms-formula-guide-coated-uncoated-product-1 1.png

Pantone Colors

If your art uses Pantone Spot colors please be sure the color mode is appropriate for the paper type. Pantone spot colors will have a letter code C, U or M. U is for uncoated papers which are the most common (Classic Crest, Estates, Felts). C is for coated papers or films with a shiny or glossy surface (Semi Gloss, High Gloss, or BOPP) . M is for coated paper with a dull surface (Matte Litho with matte varnish).

Component 3.png

Supplying Artwork

Package for Output. Please use the Package feature (File > Package...) to collect fonts and images. Please compress this folder (Mac - Right Click > Compress...; Windows - Right Click > Sendto > Compress Folder) prior to sending.

ttb Requirements

Art File Upload

First Orders

If this is the first time Vintage 99 Label will be printing your artwork, please upload using the link below and indicate if you need us to make any changes to the artwork or leave as is. 

Repeating Orders

If you are an existing client, please log into your siteline dashboard here to start an order. Not using siteline yet? Please request access below.

Art File Upload
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