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Paper & Foil

Paper is the canvas of every label. Choosing the right paper or substrate is important to achieving the right look and feel with any label. Uncoated papers like those listed below give great contrast to shiny finishing options like foil and gloss varnish while coated papers and smooth substrates like BOPP give excellent ink reflectivity and color saturation. 

Paper | Roll Over to View Printed Versions +

Classic Linen - 60lb, uncoated

A canvas like paper with raised vertical and horizontal lines made into the paper

Estate #8 - 60lb, uncoated

A bond like paper used in high volume throughout the wine label industry because of it’s slight texture and versitility. 



Pristine Felt - 80lb, uncoated

A very thick felt paper with superior wet strength and refrigeration properties developed and sold by Vintage 99 Label. This paper has excellent white holdout after the paper has been surrounded by moisture and remains resistant to edge lift and wrinkles. 

Estate #4 - 60lb, uncoated

A raised pattern with horizontal lines, also referred to as a laid pattern, is made into the paper

Bright Silver Metalized 

A silver metal coating that is made over paper to give a shiny silver surface to print on. Metalized paper can be a good alternate to using hot stamped foil since ink can be printed over the silver in colors that resemble foil and have reflective properties.

Gloss 60#, coated

A shiny white paper that gives good reflection and strong color saturation when printed on.

Eggshell Felt 70#, uncoated

A thicker paper with the most amount of texture. This paper is best used for label designs that use lots of white space and won’t have small detail that could be broken up by the texture. The natural color of this paper is cream/off white. 

Matte Litho 60#, Coated

A white coated paper with a smooth surface and semi-gloss finish. The paper gives excellent color saturation when printed on. 

Standard Foil Colors | Roll Over to View Printed Versions +



Rich Gold

Bright Gold

Bright Silver

Deep Red

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