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Print Technology

Although they have the same purpose, wine labels can be very different in terms of placement, artwork, and specifications. Vintage 99 is able to meet the demanding requirements of all wineries by operating multiple types of printing and equipment across two manufacturing facilities in Livermore and Santa Rosa Ca. Our team of label experts are always ready to help recommend the right equipment for your label project.


Label Printing Machine

Flexo Advantage:

  • High Press Speeds

  • Economical for long print runs

  • Best for metallic inks

  • Excellent color consistency

In 1999 we raised the bar with flexo printing for labels. Today we still push the boundaries by using Kodak's NX plate system with Digicap screening to give labels finer dots, higher line screens and more detail. Our flexo presses are excellent at printing on a variety of papers and films and produce great metallic inks. See below for additional finishing options. 


Digital Label Printing Machine

Digital Advantage:

  • Low to no setup costs

  • No plate costs

  • Perfect print registration

  • Affordable for small print runs

Since 2008, we've understood the practical use of Digital print technology in producing high quality labels. Today we use the most advanced HP Digital presses designed specifically for intricate labels, giving our customers high quality printing even on small orders. Digital printing lowers production costs on shorter runs by eliminating film, plates and set-up time. See below for additional finishing options.


Label Printing Machine

Waterless Advantage:

  • Best for fine gradient detail

  • Vibrant color reproduction

  • Ideal for medium to large runs

  • No VOC's, environment friendly

Our pressure sensitive waterless offset press provides superior results with flawless detail, smooth blends and fine tints. At Label Innovators we take this technology one step further by teaming the latest plate making process with the latest Digital Plate Imaging system making high line screens not only achievable but repeatable run after run. See below for additional finishing options.

Print Technology | Additional Finishing Options
Finishing Options
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