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Looking For a Unique Paper For Your Next Label Design? You've Come to the Right Place

Many wineries decide to choose a desirable paper for their label from the wide array of label facestocks available; however, whether it’s a felt, linen, or laid pattern, these textured facestocks are pretty generic. In some cases, a winery selects a material that is only available as a smooth material yet they want a texture to give the label a bit more shelf appeal.

At Vintage99, we prefer to take a more personalized approach that can help your wine truly stand out with unique finishing techniques. With the use of female/male photopolymer embossing plates, we can provide a wide variety of patterns for your next label project. One of the main advantages of using this technique is that the photopolymer plates are inexpensive in comparison to engraved cylinders. The embossing plates are also incredibly durable and the quality is comparable to that of an engraved cylinder.

As you work on your new designs for this year -or the next one-, consider the possibility of a custom paper for your label. Contact us at or 925/294-5270 and ask for one of our wine label experts to reach out to you. We’ll be happy to review your label project with you and get a sense of the “feel” you are looking for.

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