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At Vintage 99, we welcome press checks on our digital presses

and we welcome you in to see what we do best. At a Vintage 99

press check, we print the target color/s and also a lighter version

and a darker version to provide you with more options. 

get the details right every time

Vintage 99 offers press checks of our digital presses to make sure your label comes out just as you envisioned. Usually, a press check offers an on-site proofing opportunity to ensure the label looks exactly as you visualized when printed. This is the step where most reputable printers check the color before the labels are printed for delivery.


At Vintage 99, we go two steps further.


Both designers and clients are shown that we have matched the PMS color or CYMK percentages in their artwork, but we also provide a lighter version and a darker version for comparison purposes. This allows you to see quickly what an alternate version would look like and make a more informed choice.

Color Variations Press Check_V99.HEIC

Benefits of a V99 Press Check

Accurate Color Matching - Our press checks use advanced color matching technology to guarantee the colors in your project will match exactly what you expect.

On-site Checks with Color Variations - We have experienced staff to guide you through the press check to ensure your project is printed correctly. We also print the target color/s in three variations to give you more options to choose from.

Complete Control Over Your Project - At Vintage 99, we give you complete control over your project from start to finish. Our press checks give you the peace of mind that what comes out of the press meets all your expectations.

Save Time and Money -Press checks can save you money in the long run by preventing costly reprints due to errors or less optimal color choices. Plus, our efficient process can save you time as well!

“Many times we find that making one or more of the colors lighter or darker improves the overall look the client was going for and by planning for this ahead of time, they get to see more options and compare these options side by side. It helps them know they have made the best choice and the label is the best it can be. This is built into our process so that it is ready to look at in person when the client/designer arrives to the press check.”

~Brian Lloyd, Chief Operating Officer, Vintage 99

watch the press check in action

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